Kishore Srinivas
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Been in Bangalore, Karnataka from the time I started breathing! Directing films is my passion which fortunately is what I also do for a living.

I stumbled onto my passion after a fair stint in the corporate world with my Mechanical Degree which has helped me understand the technical nuances of film making.

My journey as an Assistant Director into films started alongside Mr. V.K. Prakash for his TV Commercials under his production house Trends Ad Films which gave me an opportunity to be part of 40+ TV commercials.

Feature films like KILIPOYI (2013) and CANDYFLIP (yet to release) have had me as their Associate Director.

From 2013, I have been working as an independent/freelance director on concepts which excite me.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to having a conversation with you to create an alpha moment in bringing your creative genius into reality…  A Film !


2012 - Winner of Mofilm -Capetown contest